Saturday, 9 February 2013

Wrongfully Ruined Tree of the Day

I'll keep doing this until...

 I'll be posting a picture of a ruined tree everyday. The point of the exercise is to demonstrate the scale of the problems going on in our cities and towns. A person looking closely at the urban forest can find at least one tree that is badly pruned, root damaged, poorly located, neglected, abused or otherwise ignorantly ruined tee every single day. 
March 10
Doomed to Fail
This guy decided to concrete over his entire backyard. What would happen if everyone did that?
March 8
Like fingernails down a chalkboard
When you start looking at all the ruined trees out there it becomes irritating. Why are these so common?
 March 7
 He's Got the Biggest Ball of Them All
Some people just can't help themselves. They love to turn their tree shaped trees into ball shaped trees. Not sure the trees like it so much.

March 3
The Unexpected
 On developments sites, when forest is cleared expect the unexpected. New wind exposures, changes in hydrology and other unanticipated factors often result in tree failures.

March 2
Steel Wheels
Each year a new tree grows over top of the old one, consuming whatever is in its way.

March 1
Mower abuse
Give a young tree a chance. Don't let this happen. Create a tree well and keep turf away from the base. Plant so the stem flare is visible, so the to of root ball is at ground level. Young one need extra care to get started in life.

Feb 28
Buried so deep...
Buried so deep that the basketball net is near ground level. You are looking at a soon to be dead tree.

Feb 27
What Happened Here?
This U shaped Sequoia is a good example of resilience. Topped at a decent size, the tree bounced back. Ruined indeed, but worth having a look at.

Feb 26
No Cement... Blockhead!
When installing tree protection fencing do not dig post holes and fill them with cement as shown here.

Feb 25
Frankly My Dear
Wrong tree, wrong place, predictable result. Stone cold dead. These people just didn't give a damn.

Feb 24
Just Not Getting It
The protection area is clearly marked with protective fencing. Yet the contractor still thought it would be a good idea to pile excavated material over critical roots.

Feb 23
It's Just Not Going to Work
A Western Red Cedar is a large tree. This one with most of it branches cut off, stuck in the back corner of a tiny yard is just not going to thrive.

Feb 22
$1.38 per litre
That's some expensive gas. And those are some ridiculous trees.

Feb 21
Love Thy Neighbour
Can't we just get along.

Feb 20
Will Anyone Notice?
Will the neighbours realize in 3 months from now why this is dead?

Feb 19
A Brief Stay
Planted too deep, located too close to the concrete and its branch ends snipped off. Wasted life.

Feb 18
Strip Mall Horror Show
The worst part about this is the example it shows to area residents. Those unaware of best practises will imitate what they see.

Feb 17
Getting Ahead of Yourself
 Best to wait until finished building the house before setting down roots.

Feb 16
Too Close For Comfort
When planting a tree keep in mind that it just might grow.

Feb 15
Damaged Limbs, Trunk and Roots
 Work started ahead of schedule the tree was badly damaged and had to be removed. The incident upset many people.

Feb 14
The Happy Valentines Day Tree

It's an Alder.  I have no issues with this, it just seems appropriate to share today.

Feb 13
Skirt Lifted Too Far
Topped a few years ago and now stripped bare for all to see.

Feb 12, 2013
Just for Fun

Lets see what happens if we leave it in the container forever.

Feb 11, 2013
Topped Conifers

Here's an example of what happens to topped Douglas Fir. Multiple leaders are weakly attached at topping point resulting in failure.

Feb 10, 2013
Car Hammock

Shall I plant a couple trees or park a car. I can't do both. Or can I?

Feb 9, 2013
Over Excavated Roots
The orange paint and letters CRZ indicate what was the Critical Root Zone. The protection barrier is gone. The roots dug away. Stability is affected as is its ability to nourish itself. 

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